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Ministry of land records West Bengal has floated a new entryway this year to avail the land records of West Bengal State on this platform. In this composition we are going to share the different facets of . We are going to discuss the series of steps required to look into the land record of West Bengal, papers of mutation and other procedures.

Banglarbhumi West Bengal

In this era of digitalization the natives of West Bengal can see their land records online in just one click. The ministry of Land Reforms has provided the facility that people are now able to look the mutation documents and the papers related to their lands on this portal and they are able to take a printout in just a few seconds.

Accessibility at

  • is providing citizen- centric facilities
  •   Digital maps and land records are available
  •  Governing of ISU
  • Handling of new updates and their maintenance
  •  Demarcation of Indo Bangladesh Boundary
  • Governing Rent Controllers

Series of steps for registration at banglarbhumi portal

  • Move to entryway of banglarbhumi
  • After signing up you will get the registration form on this interface
  • Enter the required details regarding your name, address, postal address, emai ID, l your district ,block and municipality along with your password
  •  Now you are supposed to enter your OTP in this interface
  • After submitting your OTP you will be registered at this entranceway.

Banglarbhumi departmental users

  • After registering their name in native can easily become departmental users. They just need to visit the entryway.
  •  At the the homepage choose “citizenservices” and select departmental users.
  • Now you need to enter your username and password.
  • After summiting your name and password you will get an OTP.
  • Now after summiting the OTP you can login comfortable into to departmental users interface
    Way to apply For RoR
  •  Move to gateway of
  • press citizen registration button and put in all the demanded details
  • after registering your name you will get a one time password on your mobile number
  • login to this entry way using the given password
  •  fill all the necessary data and upload legal papers
  • After submission of papers you will get an acknowledgement slip with your application number
  • After verification you will get your RoR certificate discharged by the officials

Scan your Status at Scan land record on banglarbhumi

  • browse for and clink on ‘Inspection Report’
  • In the next step, you need to enter your ‘Application Identification Number’ and browse.

  •  your application status will be shown on next interface.
  •  To scan your land record you need to click on know your property at the homepage of
  •  in the next step you are supposed to choose your district village block and Mouza
  •  you will get two alternative :- Plot/ khatian
  •  Enter all the required details and get an OTP
  • After filling the OTP the records will be displayed on your screen. 

To know RS and LR details

  •  on the homepage of you will get an option of citizen services.
  •  on next interface you have freedom of choice in RS/ LR
  • now you are supposed to choose your district block and Mouza and an alternative between RS and LR
  •  submit the details of your land and enter.
  • The desired details will be shown to you.
  • You may get any Plot’s details by query number and query year.
  • The way to fill mutation application and to know the status
  •  Clink on ‘Online Application’ on the entryway of Banglarbhumi ( )
  • you are supposed to select the mutation application link on the given interface and fulfill the details of particulars of the applicant, transfer papers and list of enclosures.
  •  submit the essential information and get a reference number
  • Again by submitting the reference number you will get the desired details on the next interface
  •  To check the mutation status you need to choose one alternative from Case wise search and deed wise search.
  •  enter the desired alternative along with the name of your district block village or Mouza
  •  browse for the information and you will get your application status on your screen.

Way to pay fee at

  •  browse for entryway of banglarbhumi and click on online application
  • choose the option for free payment
  • download the appeared form
  • now you are supposed to choose an option from the given details as conversion ,mutation ,plot information ,map or legal copy
  •  Submit the application number along with OTP
  •  you will get details for a secure payment
  •  choose a safe way of payment from the given options
  • after successful verification of your payment mode at you will get confirmation on your computer screen.
    Mouza Map Availability Details on
  • To check the Mauza Map information you need to to visit the official portal of banglarbhumi and click on Mauza information.
  •  Go for Mouza map available details
  • On the next interface, chose your district, block, village or Mouza
  • Your desired record will be displayed on the screen.

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