Rs-500/1000 Notes Ban (Deposit 500/1000 Rupee Note before 30 Dec)

By | November 9, 2016

Rs-500/1000 Notes Ban in Country

Yes got the right news. Today center govt. has released 500/1000 Rupee Notes Ban in country. After 30th December you will see complete 500/1000 Notes Ban in country.  But nobody don’t need to panic regarding recent 500/1000 Rupee Notes Ban. You will get enough time for replacing/exchanging Rs-500/1000 Notes with smaller currency notes. You should read complete article to save your money from getting useless. Until and unless, you are a black money holder, this 500/1000 Rupee Notes Ban is good for you. This is very good move by current govt. by imposing 500/1000 Notes Ban in country for stopping corruption. We have also given Last Date to Exchange 500/1000 Notes in next section.

Why Rs-500/1000 Notes Ban in India?

Govt. has decided to Ban 500/1000 Notes to stop corruption in country. PM mode has declared on 8th November to Ban Rs-500/1000 Notes in India from same day. Govt. has given guidelines regarding 500/1000 Rupee Notes Ban. As per official guidelines, you can submit your Rs-500/1000 Rupee Notes into banks before last Date i.e. 30TH December. You will see real result after this. Nobody can hold huge amount of Illegal Money. They have to deposit these notes before 500/1000 Rupee Notes Ban in country. If they don’t do that, there collected money will become useless after 30th December 2016. Now Govt. has planned to replace old 500 Rupee notes with news 500 rupee notes. They have decided to replace 1000 rupee note with 2000 rupee note.

Where you can Deposit 500/1000 Rupee Notes

If you are worried about 500/1000 Rupee Notes ban, read this article. As PM Said “You will not lose your money”. Indian Govt. has done this 500/1000 Notes Ban with a foolproof action plan. There is a proper process for exchanging old 500/1000 Rupee Notes with new one. Govt. will provide enough time to you for replacing your old currency Notes. You have to visit nearest branch with ID proof along with Rs-500/1000 Rupee Notes. You can submit these notes at Banks, Post Office, ATM Cash Deposit Machines etc. From same place, you will get smaller 100/50/20/10 Rupees notes. Very soon Reserve Bank of India will release new notes of 500 rupees in market. RBI has already release this notes, you can check them in below section.

Last Date to Exchange/Deposit 500/1000 Notes

Peoples can deposit their 500/1000 Rupee Notes before 30-12- 2016. Bank will start accepting /exchange/replace 500/1000 Notes between 10th November & 30th December 2016.  There is deposit limit of 10000 per day for each person. For short time, there is a withdraw limit for ATM Cash. But very soon you can deposit or withdraw money as earlier. You may check details on last date to deposit 500/1000 Notes in below section given section.

First Date to Deposit Notes: 10thNovember 2016

Last Date to Deposit 500/1000 Notes:  30thDecember 2016


Process to Exchange Rs-500/1000 Notes in Bank/Post Office

  1. Get all your 500/1000 notes (No Limit till 30th Dec).
  2. Go to bank/Post Office/Cash Deposit Machine with your ID proof.
  3. Now you can submit this money to your Bank account.
  4. You can also ask for exchange of these notes.
  5. Hence you will be able to save your money from 500/1000 Notes Ban in India.

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Rs-500/1000 Notes Ban last Date 30 Dec

We have explained process for exchanging your notes before complete implementation of 500/1000 Rupee Notes ban in India. Last date to deposit 500/1000 Notes is 30th December 2016. After that, there will be a complete ban on old 500/1000 Notes. Govt. is extremely serious about black money fund transfer done by bigger notes. That is the reason, govt. has planned this 500/1000 Rupee Note ban. Hence if you are having cash money in form of 500/1000 Rupee notes then reach bank before last date.Last Date Exchange 500/1000 Rupee Notes is 30 Dec 2016. If you need any other information on 500/1000 Rupee Note Ban, write in the comment box.


6 thoughts on “Rs-500/1000 Notes Ban (Deposit 500/1000 Rupee Note before 30 Dec)

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  2. Gudi

    Those are staying in foregin country how will exachange 500 and 1000 old notes if they have some cash

  3. Neeraj

    How do individual exchange after 30 Dec if he / she is outside India and return back in Jan or feb2017

  4. Beni madhav varma

    I am serving in indian army as a junnior commision officer. Due to exigencies of services i couldn’t changed rupees 7000 of banned 500 rupees note. Plzzz suggest me for further action to avoid my financial lose earned by me

    1. Exam Update

      Sir you can exchange old Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes at designated RBI counters till 31 March 2017 after giving valid reasons for not depositing the notes by 30 December 2016


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