Rail Budget 2017-18 Highlights (रेलवे बजट 2017)

By | January 31, 2017

Railway Budget 2017-18

Govt. is going to change a 92 year old pattern. This year Rail Budget 2017-18 will not be presented separately. You will see its merge with Union Budget Presentation by Finance Minister. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has already approved government’s decision of not presently Rail Budget 2017-18 separately. Government wants to get peoples’ support by presenting Railway Budget 2017 before assembly election in 5 states. Election commission of India (ECI) has asked not to include any new announcement for these five election states in Rail Budget 2017-18.

Rail Budget 2017 Announcement

We know that always finance Minister Represent Union Budget 2017 for coming year. This time you will see finance minister representing Rail Budget 2017-18 too for the next financial year. Now we have to watch what new reliefs are announced for the common man. You will be able to check important Railway Budget 2017 Highlights in coming section. Our team will give you complete analysis of Rail Budget 2017-18 in the evening. We will try to cover all the sectors /area attached to railway in direct or indirect way.

Railway Budget 2017-18 Updates

Common man is expecting a lot from Railway Budget 2017. Reason is also obvious. We all know that India has one of the longest rail networks of the world. And train is common man’s favorite transportation method. After facing Rs 500 & 1000 Notes Ban, low income group want lesser ticket rates for long journeys in coming Rail Budget 2017-18. On 1st Feb evening you will be able to see what is lying there in Railway Budget 2017 for you. Till then you can other important points. We have listed expectations from Railway Budget 2017-18.

Railway Budget 2017 (Expectations)

We have listed some the expectations/suggestion/wish-list from Railway Budget 2017 announcements.

  • Privatization of various PSUs, including sale of Air India and Ashoka Hotel.
  • Developing 50 modern train stations with private participation by the end of year 2017.
  • Resolution of all pending disputes involving public-private partnership projects using Kelkar Committee recommendations.
  • Raising private sector investment to help lift the low economy growth rate.
  • Development of railways through PPP, by ensuring easier funding for projects with long gestation periods.
  • Government may look at privatizing profit making firms along with loss making ones.

Rail Budget 2017-18 Highlights

Updating Soon…

India Rail Budget 2017-18 Updates/Price Hikes

Indian Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu said the merge of Rail Budget 2017-18 with General Budgets will help in enhancing Capital expenditure. It simply means that both will work in harmony. Even after Railway Budget 2017 Announcements Indian Railways will bear 7th Pay Commission burden for present and ex employees. Now we have to look that how Rail Budget 2017-18 help government in making more profit along with bearing regular wage bills of around 70125 crore & pension bills of 45500 crore. You can expect more subsidies for passenger service in Railway Budget 2017-18 Highlights. We may see some other announcements for more concession in fare for different categories like patients and sportspersons in latest Rail Budget 2017-18.

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