Last Date to Exchange 500 & 1000 Notes is 31 March 2017

Last date to Exchange 500-1000 Notes

If you want to know 500/1000 Rupee Notes exchange last date, and then read this paragraph. We have given exact Last date to Exchange Rs-500 & 1000 Notes in banks or other similar places. Anybody can exchange 500 & 1000 Notes from bank. Currently there is limit of 10000/day on deposit and withdraw of 500 & 1000 Notes. We have also given a step by step process with Last Date to Exchange 500 & 1000 Notes. All country peoples are advised to exchange their old notes before Last date to Exchange Rs-500 & 1000 Notes. After this last date, old notes will be of no use. Candidates can check other details of Rs-500 & 1000 Notes Ban in India here only.

Where to Exchange Old 500-1000 Notes

If you are having lot of rupee 500 & 1000 Notes then you can visit below given places to exchange them. You must visit below given places before Last date to Exchange Rs-500 & 1000 Notes. There is maximum limit of deposit/withdraw amount at all the places.

  1. You can exchange 500 & 1000 Rupee Notes at nearest Bank
  2. You may visit post office to replace old Rs-500/1000 notes.
  3. You can deposit Rs-500-1000 Notes in Cash Deposit Machine.
  4. may also arrange special Counters for Taking Old 500/1000 rupee Notes.

500 & 1000 Notes Exchange Last Date

Any person can visit above mentioned place and deposit Rupee 500 or 1000 Notes. Last Date to exchange Rs.500/1000 Rupee Notes is mentioned below. As we can see that 500 & 1000 Notes Exchange Last Date is 31 March 2017 & 30 June 2017. You can only deposit Old 500 & 1000 Notes to get smaller notes till this date only. Indian Peoples can deposit their 500/1000 Rupee Notes before 31-03-2017. Only Specific RBI Banks counters will accept /exchange/deposit Rs-500/1000 Notes between 31 Dec 2016 to 31 March 2017. Exact Time period to deposit 500 & 1000 rupee notes is mentioned below. There is no limit on online transaction/shopping etc.

31 दिसम्बर 2016 तक आप बिना किसी परेशानी के अपने बैंक में कितनी भी राशि जमा करवा सकते है। अगर आपके पास आय स्त्रोत /साधन की पूरी जानकारी है तो आपको चिंता करने की कोई जरूरत नहीं है। पुराने 500/1000 के नोट आप किसी भी बैंक या डाक खाने से बदलवा सकते है। परन्तु पुराने नोट बदलवाने पर सरकार की तरफ से अधिकतम सीमा निधारित की गयी है। उस सीमा का ध्यान रखे। इससे जुडी और किसी भी परेशानी होने पर हमे बताये । हमारी टीम जल्द ही आपसे संपर्क करेगी।

जरुरी सूचना

Someone has filled an application in High Court for getting permission to exchange Old Notes. Next Hearing will be on 5th April 2017.

नोट बंदी को लेकर कोर्ट में सुनवाई चल रही है…कोर्ट ने केंद्र सरकार से जवाब माँगा की लोग उपयुक्त वजह देने के बाद भी अपने पैसे क्यों नही बदलवा पा रहे?? 5 अप्रैल को इसका फैसला आने की उम्मीद है। अगर आपके पास भी पुराने 500 /1000  नोट  है तो कोर्ट के फैसले का इन्तजार करे।

Important Dates to Exchange Old 500/1000 Notes:-

Process First Date Last Date
Rs.500 & 1000 Notes Exchange 10 November 30 Dec 2016 (Closed)
Rs.500 & 1000 Notes Deposit 10 November 30 Dec 2016 (Closed)
Exchange Note at RBI (For Indians) 1 Jan 2017 31 March 2017 (Open)
Exchange Note at RBI (For NRI) 1 Jan 2017 30 June 2017 (Open)


How to Exchange 500-1000 Old Notes

You can exchange up to 4000/day old 500/1000 Notes at banks during 10th November to 24th November. After that, govt. may increase maximum limit to 10000/day and so on. Follow below given steps to exchange 500 /1000 rupee notes before last date.

  1. Go to above mentioned Places (Bank/PO/CDM)
  2. Bring old notes as per the daily limit (4000/day & 10000/day)
  3. You can check this limit in above section.
  4. You can deposit or exchange this above said amount.
  5. Initially there is also limit on withdraw.
  6. Soon things will become as earlier i.e. with limits/restrictions.

What to Do if you still have old Rs 500 & 1000 Notes (After 30 Dec) ???

You have following options:-

  1. You can exchange these old notes at designated Reserve Bank of India (RBI) counters till 31 March 2017 with proper valid reasons for not depositing/exchanging these notes by 30 December 2016.
  2. Keep in mind that 31-03-2017 is final deadline for Indians. You will not get any other chance to exchange these Notes.
  3. NRI can exchange old notes till 30 June 2017
  4. You can keep old currency notes up-to a maximum limit (as a memory only). You will not be able to use them anywhere in country.
  5. After 31-03-2017 use of these Notes is illegal in India. (It sounds weird !!!!…but its 101% True).

Maximum Limit for Exchange of old Rs 500 & 1000 Notes 

For Indians (Those were abroad till 30 Dec 2016) For NRIs
Last Date 31st March 2017 30th June 2017
Maximum Limit No Maximum Limit Rs- 25000


Rs-500/1000 Notes Deposit/exchange Last Date 30 March 2017

We have explained a complete detailed process so that each and every background person able to exchange 500/1000 notes before last Date. Govt has fixed last date to Exchange Rs-500 & 1000 Notes. This govt. had decided Rs 500/1000 Rupee Notes Ban 6 month ago. They have prepared well for implementation of RS 500/1000 Notes Ban in India. There are chances of extension in this Rs-500 & 1000 Notes Exchange Last date. Reason is obvious; there is very big part of currency in 500/1000 rupees notes. Hence this process will take some time. At present last date to Exchange Rs-500 & 1000 Notes is 31-03-2017.If you have any query related to 500/1000 Notes Exchange last, ask your question in the comment box.


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  1. how many times exchange on persom

    1. There is No limit on number of times…We advise you to visit cash deposit machine.
      Then you can withdraw new notes in next 3-4 days

  2. I am currently abroad and will return to india in January 2017. I have some money in 500 & 1000 Rupee notes in India. What will be the procedure to exchange these notes after December 31st 2016?

    1. No need to worry…you may also exchange your money after 30th Dec
      All you need is fill a declaration form at the time of exchange.

      1. Dear Sir.
        I have no any declaration form, no any idea for any form.but I have 14000/- rupees of 500 old notes, I returned in india 24 January 2017.kindly give any solution .
        I’m continue in abroad Dec 2015 to January 2017.
        Kindly help & give any solutions.

    2. I and my wife am currently abroad since 2nd Oct., 2016. We Indian residents holding valid Indian Passports. We are to return back in last week of March i.e. after 26/3/2017 as per our bookingsmade prior to travel.
      We are having few high demoniation notes with us the same we kept for incurring expenses for purchase and Rtd fare plus we have few old notes at our residence in Mumbai for personal expenses.
      Our worry is that how are we to exchange thin old notes before 31st March, 2017 the days after our return are few. We understand there are huge lines of public who want to exchange these notes.
      Can we exchange or deposit the same in our Saving Bank which we re having? from Cavas Contractor.

      1. You can exchange upto any amount (No maximum Limit for Indians)…before 31st March…(Only @ RBI Counters)
        Don’t worry about long queue …They have very well organised system at RBI Counters.

  3. What is the Last Date of Cash Deposit in Bank
    TDC Bank ( Virar ) Close Accepting Old Currency…
    What Can I Do.

  4. Last date of 500/1000 notes deposit in SBI

  5. Tell me exchange 500 & 1000 actual last date. Because I’m force membar curuntly leave 15 dayas

    1. 30 Dec 2016
      But you may also exchange after 30 Dec with a declaration with proper reason of delay

      1. My old sick illiterate cousin at old age home when I met on 23.01.2017 said over a period of many past years she have some money .When she permitted me to count I saw 1,09,000 old 500 and 1000
        Whow can I help her in depositing in her pension bank account

  6. sir, I want to know the last date of exchange of an old 500, 1000 rs notes , last date.

    1. Its 30th Dec 2016

    1. 30 Dec 2016

    2. My old sick illiterate cousin at old age home when I met on 23.01.2017 said over a period of many past years she have some money .When she permitted me to count I saw 1,09,000 old 500 and 1000
      Whow can I help her in depositing in her pension bank account

      1. She has to visit Nearest RBI counter with original ID proof and other documents…
        There is no other option Dear.

    3. I have 2000rupees old notes.why can i change.this is my legal money.
      Ek baar aur date badhani chaiye

  7. Whats a last date to exchange a note and deposiring

    1. 30 Dec 2016 is last date….

  8. Sir 24 November bole ke suna me last to deposit old notes???

    1. Dear…you can deposit your all old notes till 30 Dec 2016
      We advise you to visit near Cash Deposit Machine to avoid rush…

  9. M in usa me n my mom came here nov 3. we hav some 500 and 1000 rupee notes but she is coming back in april.she is on visitor visa .what to do ??

    1 Can we deposit in mid of april?
    2 can i send this money through a friend who is visiting india in dec or jan

    1. Yes you can deposit in April too…but with a Proper Written declaration & Income source Info

  10. Sir
    M vry confused.. Y all r saying dat after 24th nov old currency notes will nt b accepted in banks?

    1. All Banks will Accept your old Notes…if any issue appear then contact us…Our Team will help you

  11. Dear Sir, I have two notes of rs.500 .I am going to Lucknow and bus conductor deny to take the note for ticket.tell me what to do?

    1. Visit Nearest Bank/Post office with Photo ID proof for exchanging to New Notes

  12. Tell me what to do because conductor is denying to take note of rs.500

  13. please reply last date of note exchange

  14. Sir presrnt i have 500&1000 notes sime one says today last date….yes or no plzzzz tell me….sir

    1. No…Last Date is 30/12/2016

    2. Sir mere pass kuch old notes hi aur mein Saudi me kaam karta hun Saudi se aake 1 mahina hogaya ab mein kya karun kuch samaj nahi aata takriban 3 lack rupees hi kya Karun sir kuch rasta bataiye plz

  15. I have two notes of rupees 1000 at time… Can I exchange it today… Through “Aadhar card” .. ?
    Plz tell me…

  16. Sir
    Please tell me can I exchange of rupees 1000 through bank today. With my “Aadhar card’
    “….. ???

  17. When is last date to deposit 500and 1000 noted currency in india in bank of baroda

  18. till which date i can depossite my old notes.

    1. 30th Dec 2016

  19. Sir, Now am in Abroad I have some old 500, 1000 notes, when coming to New Delhi airport how to exchange these money? pls advise me.

    1. Just come with a declaration with proper reason…

  20. Dear Sir,
    Please confirm last date of 500&1000 rupees deposit?

    1. I found 10000 rs of old currency can I am able to exchange thm now or not

  21. Dear Sir,
    Please confirm last date of old 500&1000 rupees deposit?

    1. 30 Dec is final

  22. What is last date of deposit old currency in bank

    1. 30th Dec 2016 without Declaration
      30th March 2017 with Declaration…

  23. I am in Canada till second week of January 17. How can I exchange 500 & 1000 old notes after coming back to India. I am indian citizen

  24. In your earlier reply it is stated with declaration till 31 march 17.
    What is declaration and in which bank?

    1. Declaration of Income source & proper reason of coming after 31st Dec 2016….
      you can visit bank…where you are having account

  25. Thank You
    But earlier circular mentioned only in RBI ?

    1. How each & every person will visit RBI??

  26. Dear sir,
    I have one old note of rs.1000 of silver wire.plz tell me in which bank I can deposit it

  27. Dear sir
    i have some old notes of Rs.500 and i went to deposit on bank but they did not accepted it what should i do now

    1. They cant refuse…ask them to give you in written the reason for not accepting those notes

  28. After 30th Dec 2016?

  29. Sir my friend have 30000 rs old 500 notes
    How to deposit in RBI and what documents he need for depositing in rbi

  30. Today go R. B. I but they does not change my note

    1. What reason they give you for not exchanging old Notes???

  31. Hi ..sir /mam I have 1000 rupees old notes I don’t which bank well accept my notes .

    Kindly plz accept this notes and give me idea what can i do .am in gulbarga so plz help me change this notes only 1000

    And my sbh bank also not accept he told me u go to Bangalore.or Hyderabad …sorry if I go same charge up and down it’s come near 800 so tell me with out leave Gulbarga any solution

    1. Only RBI (Reserve Bank of India) will accept your notes…find nearest RBI counter


    1. What reason they give for refusing
      Ask them to give you in written the same thing

  33. Sir,
    I have some old 500 rupees.And the amount is Rs 4000/- What will be I do?Is it possible to exchange these notes?Where I go to exchange these notes?

  34. Sir,
    I have some old 500 rupees.And the amount is Rs 4000/- What will be I do?Is it possible to exchange these notes?Where I go to exchange these notes?

    1. Only RBI can exchange these notes….visit nearest RBI Counter before 31 March 2017

  35. Sir i have old note 500 so ehat can i do ??RBI bhopal not taking my note or exchange it so..

  36. I have recently find a 1000 rupee old note in a secret pocket of a unused pant that I have is 30 Jan,2017.I live in Kolkata.where to exchange or deposit this note in my bank.kindly send the address where to pin code of Kolkata is 700094.

  37. Hello sir.. I m housewife.. I was residing in my mother house wen i came to 30dec and clean house.. I get 30000 rs of old currnecy.. Please provide the procedure how can i deposit it. I also visit bank they also said tht u can deposit amt in rbi.. Wen i send my father in law to rbi they denied tht this scheme just applied on nri. .please help.. And reply

    1. You are right…RBI is not accepting Old notes.
      and We dont have any other proof for this 31 March late Date other than PM’s speech…try contacting CM Window or PMO via Online Method

  38. Can I exchange money old 500 Notes

  39. Respected sir , i Have a some money of old notes want to know that My mother save a old currency From saving hold Monthly base which is Have kept in my house. And i want know my mother is Wife of army retired perSon. What will be processor of deposit the money

    1. Only RBI has the permission to change old notes.
      But as we came to know…
      RBI is not exchanging old notes…
      they are saying….31 march is last date only for NRI & Indian’s those were outside Country before 31 Dec 2016

  40. Dear sir
    I have some old currency, so I want to change it. Please tell me how to change it.

  41. I have 1500 hundred old currency …And I am not a NRI…… so can I exchange my mony????? Till 31 March 2017….

  42. I have old 500 1000 note of rs3500 I want exchange it how do it

  43. Is production of scrapped notes before the Custom Official of Airport and obtaining a certificate to prove carrying the same from abroad is must for an Indian staying abroad during 8.11.2016 to 30.12.2016. How can he exchange the scrapped currency kept by him in India while going abroad before 08.11.2016.

    1. Sir you have to submit proof …that you were out of country during old note exchange period i.e. 31st Dec 2016.
      Visit nearest RBI counter…for same

  44. Hii Sir
    Bhubaneswar RBI bank denay to exchange old note? please give some advice

  45. Is there any chance to deposit old currency till march 31st 2017 ?

    1. You can exchange old currency…Only if you were out of country till 31st Dec 2016

      1. 4500 rs old currency exchange plz tell me right way

        1. Sorry no way

  46. Dear Sir,

    In our PM speech, no where it is mentioned that 31st march is last date only for NRI. I found 150Ors at my home while doing cleaning at my home.

  47. Sir abhi mere pass 1000 or 500 ke note h….Jo abhi hi mile h ghar me …kha change hoge …plz inform me

    1. Dear sir please Recvest note 500in1000 ruppes axchen

  48. I have some old notes 500/1000 as per RBI instructions deposit up to 31.03.2017 in which RBI branch I deposit or exchange these old notes I residential Hisar Haryana.

    1. Sir You can only deposit these notes in RBI if you were ourside country till 31st Dec 2016
      31 March is last date for NRI & Indians those were abroad

  49. I m from raipur chhattisgarh… Please tell me how to exchange 500 notes in raipur till 31st march 2017….

    1. Only NRI’s or Indian those were outside country till 31st Dec 2016 can exchange old notes

  50. hi.. My Cousin came from Overseas by last week only (last 6 months visited to SriLanka for Business) & Yesterday went to RBI bank for some old currency exchange Rs.25000/- without declaration form but RBI is not accepted without declaration form. Next how can i will do… pls help.

    1. Without Declaration its not Possible…Dear
      sorry but its must thing

  51. I shifted my home to another place that time only I got two 500 old notes is it possible to exchange the note in rbi

    1. Sorry but 31 March is last date only for NRI and Indian’s those were abroad till 31st Dec

  52. I have 3 500 note,can i exchange or not

    1. If you are NRI or were outside country till 31st Dec…only then you can exchange it

  53. my brother was out of india till January 2017…but he has a huge amount with old currency right there any limit for NRI too ,to deposit old currency..?

    1. For NRI maximum Limit is 25000 & Last Date 30th June 2017
      for Indian Abroad there is no maximum limit & Last Date 31st March 2017

  54. Only nri allows old note exchange

  55. I want to deposit my 1500 rs at rbi bhopal is it possible now

    1. Possible only if you are NRI or outside India till 30 Dec 2016

  56. I have Rs.12000 old notes . I went in RBI Mumbai fort but they told me only NRI person can change old notes .

    But our PM announce till 31st march 17 ordinary person can change .

    Give me solution . I am from poorfamily.
    Pls help me….

    1. Fir abhi tak koi solution mila ya nahi..

  57. One old currency note 500 rupee please change

  58. At present.i.e on 28.02.2017 like have 500 rupies 10 notes with me. Is there possibility of exchanging it in our cash banks?

  59. I have 500 rupies 10 notes still with me. Is there any possibility of getting exchanged.

    1. Sorry Dear…only if you are NRI or was out of India Till 31 dec 2016…you can exchange old notes.

  60. Sir i had found 1000 rupees old notes in my mom box what i can do

  61. Dear Sir.
    I have no any declaration form, no any idea for any form.but I have 14000/- rupees of 500 old notes, I returned in india 24 January 2017.kindly give any solution .
    I’m continue in abroad Dec 2015 to January 2017.
    Kindly help & give any solutions.

  62. Dear Sir.
    I have no any declaration form, no any idea for any form.but I have 14000/- rupees of 500 old notes, I returned in india 24 January 2017.kindly give any solution .
    I’m continue in abroad Dec 2015 to January 2017.
    Kindly help & give any solutions.

    How can arrange declaration form for this matter.i don’t know more thing kindly help.

    1. Visit nearest RBI Counter and submit proof that u were out of India…and u can exchange old notes

    2. call me 9833692111

  63. Is Cm window or pmo can helf us to deposite our old notes?

    1. You must try….because PM just said in his speech…not on any official Paper

  64. Same problem is here…sir I had found 28 thousand rupees old notes in my home so what I can do.?

    1. U can exchange only if…u were out of India till 30th Dec …otherwise no chance Dear

  65. Sir, i have an old india note of 500 and 1000 rs of 45000 rs so how would i get it exchange cause i am from rural place of nagaland for which i failed to exchange during the time of exchange decmber 30/16.. Kindly respond to this post thank u

    1. U can exchange only if…u were out of India till 30th Dec …otherwise no chance

  66. can i exchange my old notes in the branch of rbi in my state Odisha
    my husband is working in Japan
    and he will come here in April

    1. No Ma’am, you can’t deposit this money…Your husband can but only before 31st March 2017

      1. We are Indian passport holder and were abroad from may 2016 to 30.4.17.We have airport declaratin form and wish to exchange old currency notes of 500 and 1000 totalling Rs.13000.Can we exchange . Please suggest

  67. Md Perwaize Alam khan

    Dear sir..
    My name is Md Perwaize Alam Khan .My job is in Dubai and I was came on 14 Jan 2017 but due to medical problem I am not submitted the old notes approximately 30 thousands.
    So now I am fit so I want to ask you that now I can change this money .pls give me some idea ASAP.

    Your cooperation is highly appreciated in this regard.


    1. Dear you have to visit Nearest RBI counter with proof (Passport/Tickets/Booking Details etc) that you were out of country…and other original ID proofs and you will get your money exchanged

  68. What is the process ?? ???

  69. What is process of deposit of old currency to rbi for indain

  70. Dear sir,
    I have twenty one 500 rupees note ,I wanted to exchange it but when I visited the chennai RBI they refused to give and told me that exchange is available only for the NRI.I wanted to know the procedure for the exchange.

    1. Only NRIs and Indians those were outside country can exchange these notes after showing valid proof…Tickets & Passport etc

  71. Sir I have one old note of 1000 can I deposite it &what process please tell me sir

    1. Sorry…you dont have any option

  72. I have some old 500 Rs notes found in clothes of cupboard. What is the procedure of Exchange the notes.

    1. You can exchange if u r NRI or was out of country till 30 Dec 2016

  73. Sir I found some old notes at my cupboard can I get exchange in new currency notes

    1. To exchange you have to be an NRI…..

  74. I went to RBI today I have valid reasons why I couldn’t deposit old notes but RBI is only exchanging notes for personal who were out of country not for resident individual your info is not correct pls clarify

    1. Dear we have clearly mentioned that only NRIs and Indian those were abroad can exchange old notes…what is not correct????

  75. Not accepted to RBI in guwahati Assam old currency to day10/03/2017

  76. i went to RBI on march 8th, but there they told u can’t exachange money,only can change NRI peple,so when will we can exchange for old money

    1. That’s the rule….PM only said in speech……Not on paper that the last Date is 31st March 2017

  77. the reprieved citizens may address the fin.dept / hon’ble PMo to redress their grievances as a last chance.

  78. I am having old currency. 6500 what should I do…I am house wife…

  79. If a person is abroad pre demonitisation till mid april how to exchage old 500 & 1000 notes

  80. How to exchange old 500 & 1000 rupee notes if u were abroad from October 2016 to April 2017.

  81. Hello sir ,
    I forgot a change my old currency
    I have to change my currency
    What I do?
    Please sir help me

    1. Only NRI and Indian those were outside country during Demonetisation can exchange old Notes

  82. sir , I have 11000/ rupees of old notes. I was in india during demonetisation, but I found in my old bag as on 14-03-2017. I am indian.

    Can I exchange my old notes @ Rbi Counters.

    If yes, then please tell me procedure that how and where I can exchange.

    1. Sorry Dear…No option now for you

  83. Birendra Kumar Jain

    Sir, My mother(Jawani Devi Jain-78 yrs old, Cancer Patient) have 21000/- rupees of old notes. Which was kept in your wardrobe & forget. She was in India during the demonetisation, But my mom found 21000/- rupees last 10/3/2017 in your wardrobe between her dresses.

    She is an Indian.

    Can I exchange my old notes @ RBI Counters If yes than please tell me procedure that how and where I can exchange.

    1. Sorry Sir…you cant exchange these notes….only NRIs and Indian those were abroad can exchange

  84. I have 1.69 Lac Old Noted I was in Dubai how can I get it exchanged here at my home town itself since just 10 days ago I came back to India

    1. Visit nearest RBI counter along with proof…like return tickets, passport, self declaration /affidavit

  85. What is the cash limit for a person to exchange old currency on 31st March

  86. I have around 25 k worth 500 and 1000 rs old notes and I am in abroad untill April end 2017 from 2015(Last 2 yrs). Is there any possibility I can exchange the amount when I comeback to india before this June 2017.

    Could you please share the solutuon.

    1. For Indian…last date is 30th March 2017
      For NRI….Last date is 30th June 2017

  87. Hi,
    While I am cleaning Caboard I got 500 rs old note can I have chance to exchange pls help me

    1. You can’t…sorry

  88. my brother was in japan for last 8 months.he came to india on march.he have 43500 rs currency which is kept in his shelf on last visit to india.he is nri working in can he exchange his money more than 25000rs

  89. I have some Old notes plzzz exchange the process tell about
    RBI plzz help uss

    1. Only NRI and Indian those were out of Country can exchange notes now

  90. Hi,
    While I am cleaning my home I got 7000 rs old note can I have chance to exchange pls help me

  91. Dear sir mere bade bhai ko peralaisis ho gaya tha. September 2016 unka . Dimagi santulan. Bilkul kam nahi kar raha tha. Ab wo. Theek huye he or bat karne ki condition me aye hai or unhone bataya ki. Bade bete ka haqeeka Fuction karne ke liye unhone apne. Safe cobord ke neeche. 2 lak rupees rakhe huye the yeh bat humko kal pata padi. 21/03/2017 humare pass sare Documents nd hospital pepers he ab kya hum un nots ko RBI ke counter pe jama kar sakte hain help us sir plz

  92. Mere pass 1000&500 ke purane note he ab me kya karu

  93. Mere pass 100&500 ke purane note me ab kya karu

  94. Sir I have 4500/- which was found in an old bag…. So can I exchange in Delhi rbi..?

    1. No Dear…you can’t

    2. Sir I have 2 notes of 500 can I change in rbi

  95. My wife leave India on 25th sept.2016 to visit Australia for delivery case of my daughter.As my wife will be arriving in Kolkata on 4th April,2017, she can be able to exchange old 1000/-and 500/-notes from RBI. She took some money with her purse. Please reply Sir.


    1. 31st March is last date sir…

  96. Dear sir
    मेरा गांव जिला दरभंगा बिहार राज्य में पड़ता है मैं अभी दिल्ली में प्राइवेट कंपनी में नौकरी करता हूं मेरे पिताजी को पेंशन मिलती है वो ७० साल के हैं पिछले ६ माह से वो मेरे पास दिल्ली में रह रहे थे पिछले महीने जब गांव गये तो 12500/- पुरानी 500 और 1000 के नोट निकाला गांव देहात होने के कारण RBI नजदीक ना होने के कारण बहुत भागदौड़ के बाद भी exchange नहीं हो पा रहा है क्योंकि बहुत भीड़ रहती है आज मुझे फोन पिताजी क्या आया कि दिल्ली में RBI मे करवा दो मेरा ये मेहनत कारण पैसा है ।
    आपसे निवेदन है कि कृपया बताएं कि दिल्ली RBI में exchange कैसे होगा और पेपर में क्या क्या चाहिए
    रमा शंकर
    नई दिल्ली

  97. 7500 Rupees nikle hai home se ab hum kiya keriyan Balinder Singh Kahsyap Ph. 9991922623

  98. For exchange of old notes going to chennai is very expensive and strain also .Particularly for seniour citizens not possible.Hence it is requested to
    Permit all the banks once again.

    1. ya i have the same problem
      i leave in aligarh U.P
      and their is no RBI bank and i am a student how could i go to delhi ??
      to exchange my old notes???

    2. There is hearing in court on 5th April on this topic….will update the decision

  99. i have 1500 old currency notes and i have to exchange it
    plzz taell me how can i exchange it

  100. Is 31march 2017 old money exchange date applicable for all indian people or only for those were in out of country in that period.

  101. vivek kumar saxena

    sir kya old 500,1000 ke note badel jaege

  102. Sir plzz help me mere pass 39000old notes hai plzz excahnge for old notes plzz help me rbi

  103. Ghar se ab 2000 rupay nikley hai. kiya ab yeah rupay exchange yaa deposit nahi ho saktey ? please bataye.

    1. ab nahi ho sakte Ansari Sahab…

  104. I have only 1 500 note. Can I get it exchanged

    1. Sorry Ruchi but Now Only NRI can exchange old notes

  105. Gourishankar sinha

    I have one note of 1000, could I get it exchanged, if yes then where & how.

  106. I have visited RBI in fort (Mumbai) but was unable to exchange currency notes today. So, are there any other branches where I can exchange my old currency notes. I am local resident.

  107. Jalpesh kathrotiya

    Sir ,

    I have 90000
    5th Jan I cam from USA
    but I have American passport
    Give me reply as soon as possible

  108. To RBI,
    with due respect I would like to inform you that my mother has found 2 No of 500 old notes, means 500×2=1000.Now she is worried what to do with that (2 no of old Rs 500 notes). Please help her to exchange giving some possible way. Otherwise she have to loss her money as she is in a great need for money. Please send me a possible feedback to exchange those notes. Expecting lots of hopes from you. Thank you

    1. Mr Das…there is No option right now
      but there is a hope…
      A case is pending on this topic in court…
      Court judgement will decide you will get another chance to exchange notes or not?

  109. Yesterday I got 1000 rupees 2 note in my wardrobe in one corner in some cover which was kept longback 5 years. I have forgotten. Now its 4 April what should I do of that.

  110. Yesterday I got 1000 rupees 2 note in my wardrobe in one corner in some cover which was kept longback 5 years. I have forgotten. Now its 4 April what should I do of that.

    1. I want to also know..?
      Can we exchange..,?

  111. I was in America for my holidays while note banned thing happened
    How do I change money if I have more than 25 k

  112. my father in law got heart attack and expired but after cleaning home we got 500 notes of rs 24000 in lunch box what should i do

  113. and what about hearing which was on 4 april any hope

  114. HII

    1. My cousin came from Jermany on 4th April 2017 can he change his currency

  115. Sir Kya Abhi bhi paise jama kar sakti hu

    1. Nahi Pinki G…

  116. Mari ma ki pass 35000/ me pirate note 500/1000 ke mile h kya ye badlne ki koi date h

    1. no option now

  117. I’m an NRI and I have Indian currency of Rs.20K in 500 and 1000 denominations. I have declared the amount at customs in airport but I do not reside in either of the places where I need to deposit the amount in RBI. Can I authorize someone else on my be-half to get the currency exchanged at RBI. Is my presence mandatory ?

  118. I visited India on year 2013.I have 5000rupees of old note.I am going to Inc is again on april 2017.Can i exchange the ruppe while i am visiting?

    1. Yes you can…

      1. Hi sir I have some old not I just came from Saudi … Could u tell me how can I exchange and wat is the last date reply plz..

    2. call me 9833692111

  119. Yesterday I got 1000 of 2 note
    Any chance to exchange it or not..?

  120. Rammohan Chattopadhyay

    As a common people I have forgotten to exchange Rs 9000 of Rs 500 notes in 30-03-2017,till can I exchange in RBI kolkata? Pl. reply

    1. No Option Mr Rammohan

      1. 500 .2 notes

      2. Change my old note exchange pls canfirm can you canfirm pls fast

  121. Preeti Srivastava

    Yesterday I got 500 of 6 note
    Any chance to exchange it or not..?

  122. Preeti Srivastava

    25th April, I got 500 of 6 note
    Any chance to exchange it or not..?
    Can I change my old not.

    1. Sorry Preeti…No way now

  123. Kisi ke pass 1000 ka note ho to mere se contact kare mo 9589145875 time 10am to 6 pm note par kuchh n likha ho

    1. Yes mere pass hai ap change kar sakte ho

  124. I was in my religious place,was very busy and not leave place for 5 mouths completely not able to change old currency,I’m having just 5,500 rupees,My name is Jamshed from small place.plz help me out my parents needed money they r very poor,I’m working in fire Temple only.plz help 8866529917.

  125. I have recently got 500&1000 rupees notes from my mother’s cupboard as she was down with memory disorder( dimentia) .pls suggest me what to do????

  126. I deposited old note on 26th march 18000 rupees in RBI cheenai branch but still money is not credited in my account. What I have to do please suggest

  127. I deposited old note on 26th march 13500 rupees in RBI cheenai branch but still money is not credited in my account. What I have to do please suggest

    1. Contact Branch or Call on hELPLINE NUMBER

  128. Sir, meree pass 7500 rupeed jo 500,1000, ke hai or 1000 ke white note hai ak, can i exchange this note plz…. help me sirr , ee note maa ne phele college ki fees ke liyeee rakhaa thaa.

  129. respected sir,
    As i joined in job i was away from home since one year. so i could not exchange the old notes. just now i saw the can i use them or where can i exchange them?

  130. Harish Chander Arora

    We were abroad from may 2016 to 30 April 2016. We are indian and while returning back to India we got declaration form from the Indira Gandhi International Airport NEW Delhi that we are having such amount of Rs.12000. We are not NRI. How the amount can be changed from the RBI. Please suggest

  131. Hai sir this is Yesu PRANAM from Bangalore sir I have 1000 rupees notes sir can I exchange my money from old note to new one please replay me sir

    1. No you cant exchange these notes,,,in any way

  132. Hi,

    I have still 4000 rs old note with me. Heard from somewhere that the date of exchange of these old notes has been extended till 20-Jul-2017. RBI, post office still accepts these notes. Please confirm if this is correct.


  133. Sir i have old mony I exchange my money from old note to new mony

  134. I have still 5000 rs old note with me. i have seen TImes of India news says that 20th July 2017 the date of exchange of these old notes has been extended till 20-Jul-2017. RBI and Post office Please confirm is it correct. If it’s correct please let me know the procedure and documents require .


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